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Simplest and most obvious thing.

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The sensation in my body recently embodied itself, came into power, activated, whatever the explanation is.

Noticing Existence Happening

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"If you want to be free of anxiety
then notice and feel this:
life is happening in this moment.

You are not doing this moment,
you are not making
this moment happen.
It is here on its own.

Three Steps to Self Enquiry

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Three steps to Self Enquiry are

To know the error

To know the truth about Self Objectively (scientifically)

To be the Truth

Object, Subject, Robot, Spirit

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Robots, as well as Microsoft Windows operating system, built based on object oriented programming, including C++ I've learned during college.

Self believe and worth

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Today's world due to watching too much movies where, there is only one hero...

Self Inquiry and Is-ness

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"In meditation,
you can actively
hold your attention
on what is beyond thought.

And as thoughts arise
you reject them
even before you even know their content.

Self Inquiry, Self Realization,

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"The answers are already within each of us. Good luck matching them with the corresponding questions."

— Swami Beyondananda

Self Enquiry

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Desire to Know and Know desire.


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When I looked out I saw Darkness, Emptyness and Ignorance.
When I looked within I saw Light, Love and Truth.
In both I can exsist, but only in one I can truly be Happy.

— Self


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I need help. I am a total begging in spirituality and need people to explain to me different practice,your experiences, where to start....etc.