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Inspiration, revelation, insight, intuition, ecstasy, divine sight and the supreme, blissful state are the seven planes of knowledge.

I Am Not

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Your sense of being is the most fundamental sense you have upon awakening from sleep.

This is the meaning of the sense of "I Am".

Enlightenment, New Age & Self Inquiry

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"The new age/self help
industry is often about
building yourself up.

Making yourself
more special
more successful,
more liked,
more confident.

And there is nothing
wrong with this.

How to Realize Awareness

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"If you are unaware,
you are always seeking

And the nature of
that seeking is stress.

If you are aware,
there is only
the observation
of what is.

And the nature

Birth, Re-birth & Karmas

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If this birth is because of KARMAS of last birth than which KARMAS caused first birth?

Awareness & I Thought

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Awareness, the practice of Now etc seem to catch the imagination of the spiritual seekers.

Who am I ? And why am I here?

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Who am I? And why am I here?
Gurus say this is the starting of the quest for the ultimate but once you understand that this questions doesn't have any value or make any sense and you are convinced about not having value for this questions, and start performing the duties assigned without getting attached to the "I" and the duty, you have reached the ultimate which you were looking for!

— Meherwan - A soul which is a part of the Ultimate

Division the cause of our Woes

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I think the cause of our problems both within and without is the division. We are divided in Nationalities, interest groups, races, gender and all the rest.

If the ‘I’ is not let go

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M.: To introvert the mind is the prime thing.

Thoughts and Self Enquiry

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Q&A with Sirshree

Report to yourself honestly - without any deceit.

Seeker: Enquiry of the body mind mechanism – and that too with honesty? Please explain this in detail.