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Is indeed whatever you observe cannot be you?

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One of the core premises of spiritual inquiry and awareness is that whatever you observe cannot be you.

Two dominant yet conflictive personalities within the same person, does it sound familiar?

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There are many personalities within a person, not just one as we tend to believe.

How to free from karma - by doing or not doing ?

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What is karma ?

A trick to break identification with the thinker

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First bring into awareness the sense of "I", bring it by looking for the thinker, the presupposed intimate subject that does the thinking, the "you" that thinks.

Your strong conviction that you are one same "I"

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One of the most strong taken-for-granted illusionary convictions one carries consistently is that he is a one single unified entity, one monolithic "I", one solid personality, one same-in-all-times John, one atomic Barbara.

The only 2 important questions one should ask

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There are only 2 important question one should ask. All the other questions are useless because they have answers.

It does not matter if you go inwardly or outwardly, only how you go

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Go inwardly or go outwardly, but just go.

"I Am" - the trickiest notion of all

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"I Am" - the trickiest notion of all.

So natural to the one who has traced it and so confusing to the one who hasn't yet.

So soft, so subtle that any effort is destined to block access to it.

The answer to all questions is in the subject

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The answer to all questions is in the subject, not the object.

Therefore, inquire the subject, not the object.

Inquire the object only when it contributes to the inquiry of the subject.

The ache

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At every point of even minimal self-awareness, I feel an ache just below my ribcage. To the 'me' it's not a pleasant feeling.