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The Spurious Imposter "Me"

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If there is no thought, there is no "me" and if there is no "me", there is neither thought nor desire nor fear. The whole intent and purpose of Self-enquiry is to focus the attention intensely and ceaselessly on the sense of "I" so that the spurious imposter "me" and its identifications are exposed as nonexistent.

— Ramesh S. Balsekar, posted to ANetofJewels

Intellect or Personality and Essence or Heart

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In discussing about "I AM" or the process of enquiry we need to distinguish between the intellectual or personality oriented process of rejection or identification on one hand and the change of Heart

No Thought Arose

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Enquiring within, who is the seer, I saw the seer disappear, leaving that alone which stands forever.
No thought arose to say I saw.
How then then could the thought arise to say, I did not see?

— Ramana Maharishi