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The "I Thought" and the "seer"

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Recently, someone asked me the following question:

Are "I thought" and "seer" the same?

And to that the response that came:

The Saint!

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He is the saint
Who is not faint;
He is the saint
Who is free of main taint;
He is the saint
Whose wisdom is quaint;
He is the saint
Who has no complaint;
He is the saint
Who has restraint;

Seer & The Seen

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That stage transcends the seer and the seen. There is no seer there to see anything. The seer who is seeing all this now ceases to exist and the Self alone remains.

— Ramana Maharshi

Seers Are Poets!

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Seers of truth are poets,
They never sing filmy duets;
Their poems are not truthless,
They will never be ruthless;
Thy heart’s pain their poems lessen,
It is for us to learn a lesson.