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Knowingly Knocking...

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I am knocking the door of the all so called seekers.......
Is any body ready to sink with me as I am sinking and may be I will not be able to call you again.
Come on I am calling all of you.

Destiny or Unlimited Potential

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The Ideas of Predestination and Unlimited Potential are often discussed, argued about, and sometimes reasonably considered. I hope to do the latter here.

For how long do you define yourself as a spiritual seeker?

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My Choice

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I've just joined this forum, and at first I was unclear of what I was searching for.

real seeker of truth

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"If you want to be a real Seeker of Truth,
Feel joy being alone.
If you can enjoy this aloneness,
Then your path will be Meditation."

— Master Sarvari
Master CVV Namaskaram


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Enlightenment is a strange race
in which winners never race.

— O'no

It useless to seek the Real...

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“The Real cannot be faked! It is useless to seek the Real, you have only to give up illusion! While searching for the Real, you maintain the belief, the illusion.”

— Satyavan

The One Thing

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The One thing,
the Seeker can't know,

The One thing,
it longs for, more than anything else,

& The one thing,
it fears more than anything else,

Is the absence of itself.

— Tony Parsons

Control world 1

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Before you read this
try to imagine Politics at a Galactic and Universal level

the Cycles are yugas

Control world 1

Presence And Absence

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The presence you seek is the absence of the seeker, while the absence you feel is the presence of the feeler.

— Michael McCaffrey