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Pushing the boat to the sea...

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Have you ever seen how the Goan fishermen prepare when they get the call to go to the sea?

Stick to one guru or be open to many?

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I would like to open this discussion. I'm sometimes doubting whether I should stick to one guru or rather be open to teachings and satsangs of several.

Name 1-2 MUSTS for a seeker that without all his spiritual endevours are useless

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Name one or two MUSTS that you think are essential for a seeker, one or two MUSTS that without all his spiritual endevours are useless.

A true seeker and hard calls he has to make

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A true seeker is one
whose desire for truth
is greater
than his desire for pleasure.

Not because
one is supposed to abandon
pleasure for truth.

But because
of the simple fact that

Where is the destiny ?

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I believe in karma, what you give, you get return but God gave us free will too, we can choose what we wanna give.

Seeking Love only - And Getting Joyfully Lost!

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So many times you hear about the "seeker " actually "seeking " "something ". "Truth " is sought. "Enlightenment " is sought.

Guru - a Path of Complete Accomplishment -

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Having a teacher to guide us in any field is invaluable. This is true in Spirituality as well.

Seeking, desire and causes of desire

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From seekers of desire, we became seekers of reasons for desire.

How difficult it would be for the guru to find a true seeker.

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few days before i joined the site, i have seen that how members of this site are trying their level best to find or ditect true gurus or teacher, as some of the members have also decided to creat a ch

what are you seeking? why meditate?

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what is the whole purpose of spirituality?
why meditate?
what is to be sought?
what 'truth' is to be found?