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The missing part in the Law of Success

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In order to succeed, either any doing towards this success should be completely selfishless or alternatively you should be completely aware of your selfish motives.

I know a metaphysical secret

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I know a metaphysical secret that hardly anybody knows.

The skeptics do not know it because they believe nothing is metaphysical.

The Science of getting rich

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The attached short book was written by Wallace Wattles in 1910.

Is standard, secure and healthy life a good life?

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"Early to rise, early to bed, and be healthy, wealthy and dead."

This is a remarkable proverb.

The Science Of getting Rich Program Can Change Your Life

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What Happens When 3 Extraordinary Teachers from "the Secret" Come Together to Teach the Science of Getting Rich? by Lindsay Ball


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மெய்பொருள் பற்றி

மெய்பொருள் பற்றி திருமந்திரப் பாடல்கள்:

Regarding the Law of Attraction and surrendering / allowing etc!!!

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Jai Shri Guru!


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Any system of religion that has any thing in it
that shocks the true mind of a child , cannot be true
Thoms Paine

I Long For a World of Peace, Love and Harmony

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My wish every day is that I could do more and more for humanity. When I look at the world and see how much it is lacking in human values I long for the day when we would have a world of true peace, love and harmony. My every waking moment is spent in doing something about it. I feel so responsible having experienced the beauty and power of the inner world that I want to share the secret with everyone who would listen.

— Sri Vasudeva

Self's Best Secret

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seeking differences creates differences
to make fiction appear real;
seeking similarities makes nothing appear real
and that is fiction.

— O'no