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science cannot go beyon mind.

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Science is a tool to investigate the core of the objects within the objective world. The science depends on physical proof.

Science's Mysteries define Spirituality.

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Science has all sorts of mysteries. In fact >99% of the Universe is a mystery to Science because it is hidden or missing in the likes of Black Holes, Dark Matter, Antimatter.
The mysteries of Science define Spirituality.
Mortals who are no longer deceived with matter
are Spirits.
To Spirits Science's mysteries of Black Holes, Dark Matter, Antimatter are no mystery but spirituality.

— O'no

Time=0, Now, Samadhi

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TIME=0, Now, Samadhi

The Big Bang exploded the Universe out of Time=0
that is Now
the Universe is Now's Hallucination
and all the evidence in the Universe

O'no's Laws

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O'no's First Law:

A Black Hole makes fiction appear real.

A First Rule defines a Black Hole
that needs more and more rules to appear more and more real;
to make the First Rule, Black Hole,

O'no's Best Law

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O'no's Best Law:

the >99% Hidden*Universe
contains everything
including God
that makes <1% of the Universe APPEAR REAL

Hidden*Universe: Dark Matter, Antimatter, Black Holes

Science's Treason

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Science is a small knot of rules
that make fiction appear real.

To flirt with the vast cosmos of rules
is more than just treason for science,
it is suicide.


Samadhi and Science

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Samadhi, Self, is not only the Inside Black Hole scientists are looking for outside in the Universe,
but it is also the Inside Big-Bang that scientists are looking for outside to explain their Universe.

Self = Physics' time=o, Now

— O'no

the duality of past and future

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Science is a wild-goose-chase
in which past and future
keep chasing each other around
for all the facts and figures
that keep expanding the universe
faster and faster.

The Supreme-Science is all about studying
the changeless NOW
in which the past and future must chase each other
for all their facts and figures.

Really, Really; REALLY.

— O'no

The absurdity of labeling spiritual doctrines as scientific

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Lately, there is this fashion of labeling spiritual doctrines as scientific.

It intends to convey a sense of accuracy through consistency, seriousness and precision.

Maya that is better than best.

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there is fiction
and best-fiction,
and then the bestest-fiction.

fiction is better when it appears real
the best fiction appears really real
so real that we give it a special name: non-fiction,
alias reality.

computers can then take the best-fiction beyond reality
to make it even better than best: bestest-fiction.

— O'no