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Thomas Metzinger

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Professor Thomas Metzinger
Science, Being No One, Video Ergo Sum, Western Psychology, Western Philosophy
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March 12, 1958
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Other Related Gurus: 
Philosopher David Hume, Philosopher George Edward Moore

Kedar Joshi

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Idealism, Solipsism
Main Countries of Activity: 
India, UK
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The difference between spirituality and new age

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I wonder how to define to myself the difference between spirituality and New Age.

Scientific Experiment: body-swap illusion tricks mind into out-of-body experience

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These findings are of fundamental importance because they identify the perceptual processes that make us feel that we own our entire body.

Karolinska Institute study report.

The basic difference between science and spirituality

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What is the basic difference between science and spirituality?

In science, subject and object may be one.

In spirituality, subject and object cannot be one. If you are able to observe something than this something is not you.

Beyond spirituality, when god is realized, the subject and object must be one.

— Riktam Kantu, A Spiritual User Manual for the Skeptic Human Mind

Science finally discovers that there is no self

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See the new guru profile for Thomas Metzinger.

Careful usage of logic in the service of spirituality

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Whether we want it or not, we use logical reasoning to draw conclusions about our spiritual path and to extend our beliefs.

Science is not objective

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I'm posting this article after reading another recent posting about spirituality and the brain, as I think something might need clarified.

Spiritual experiences are in the brain

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"Spiritual experiences are all in the brain,it's often said.Now ,researchers have confirmed that the statement is truer than ever before.A new study of University of Missouri has found that spiritual

The real Black Hole: Samadhi

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Physics and its Cosmos give us the exact same story about Black Holes that Spirituality gives us.

In the Universe, Galaxies appear to have “Black Hole(s).”