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Sadguru ~ a perspective ~

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from : Sadguru Shri Shivkrupanand Swamiji.

Paramatma is present everywhere.
Paramatma is present within our selves also.

Awareness through Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji

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What is the surest way of gaining God's Grace, Pujya Guruji?

SadGuru Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji's reply:-

The importance of spiritual preacher

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Smt. Uma Ramanath asked about the importance of spiritual preacher (Guru).

Swami gave the following reply:


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Beware of all kind self proclaimed Sadgurus,speaking of self realization,i have attended lot of Sri vidya shivirs,some people give on line srividya also by sending printed material through e-mails,wit

The Dance of Life

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Just one of those nights.When sleep eludes me.Awake and consuming endless glasses of water.
Diving deep within my soul.Touching the deep dark corners,and touching hell.

Sadguru is the Center or Kendra where faith meets liberation.

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What a person believes that he becomes. His Karma or actions are influenced or motivated by the beliefs he keeps about himself, people around him and of the world.

Are you tired of sadhana? Do nothing

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Only one who knows how to be intense and relaxed at once will know the true joy of activity.

Nimisha Prasada

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"Make a new mistake everytime: you will learn; make the same mistake again and again: you can never be successful. So, constantly be aware of what you are doing."

— Parama Pujya Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji

Nimisha Prasada

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"We have had so many different kinds of experiences in our Lives, but a very few have brought about a change in us. Today if we recognise thiose experiences that have changed us then again we can change our Lives for the best."

— Parama Pujya Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji