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Beware of these mystakes! repeat them not!

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As any earnest child would desire to have, i have very great ambition for
1)my nation.
2)my home or family.
3)my society etc...

Love without an Object - Non-Duality in Action

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While we can not "know" another's "enlightenment"
or their pain,

yajna -Worship in Sacrifice

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"yajna: (Sanskrit) "Worship; sacrifice." One of the most central Hindu concepts--sacrifice and surrender through acts of worship, inner and outer.

Manthra Japa

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'manthra japa' is called 'anustanam' This means the manthra should be recited/chanted strictly in a systematic manner prescribed by saints and elders who found that manthra.


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It was past noon and the disciples and devotees had just finished chanting the Guru Gita in the Darshan Hall of the Ashram.

I sacrificed my life but it was missused!

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I was in college from 1991 -94....
The New College royapettah ch-14
I have to take business as my brother badly needed support and i scored 70 percent in first two semesters...

Did Christ Die for Us or for God?

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Romans 3:25–26


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My Friend Vivek said - When a person get bore after fulfillment of all his desire, then autometically sacrifice comes from heart. Therefore, Sacrifice is a matter of fullfillment of all desire.


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In the past, saints sacrificed every thing external for Inner
Riches. Today our Godman sacrifice even God to earn riches and popularity in the world.

— Master Sarvari
-Master CVV Namaskaram-