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"Tactical" VS. "Strategical" Awareness

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Riktam Kantu said:

If you want to ease your pain, watch your emotions. If you want to eliminate your pain, watch your thoughts.

If you fail to accept, accept the failure

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I have read once a short emphasized warning made by Riktam Kantu:

If you fail to accept, accept the failure.

Here is my understanding of this saying:

A spiritual acrobat with a trampoline underneath

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I think this is a beautiful quote:

The Spiritual Acrobat

Ego and such

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There isn't really such thing as ego.
There is a collection of fears that point to the same direction.
But a direction is not a thing, it only gives a sense as if there is a thing.

That Love

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That love has no rules
No rules whatsoever
Not moral, not bureaucrat
And not rules of the gender.

In times for the worse
And in times for the better
Awake or asleep
Always try to remember:

When you overcome fear

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When you overcome fear, you either become a criminal or a saint.

— Riktam Kantu

spirit-less through spirit-full

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You can reach the spirit-less only through the spirit-full.

A spirit-less path will lead you nowhere. A spirit-full path will lead you to the nowhere.

— Riktam Kantu

If you fail to accept

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If you fail to accept, accept the failure.

— Riktam Kantu

Once you check the time in the watch

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Once you check the time in the watch, you are not in the now anymore.

The time in the watch has nothing to do with the now.

— Riktam Kantu

The two magics

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I'm going to tell you about two magics. They are real magics, phenomenal occurrences that involve the paranormal, phenomenal occurrences that are inexplicable by logic.