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If resistance is the cause of suffering then why were given it as an instinctive reaction tool?

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People are asking me: if resistance to pain is the cause of our suffering then how come it evolved to be our natural reaction, our basic instinct, when we encounter pain?

Deep painful jealousy

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Thank you God, thank you for the deep painful jealousies you have implanted in me.

This is not another Christian-like pseudo-unconditional gratitude to God. I really mean it.

Don't Get Mad, Get Glad

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Last evening, as I was reading, with my 13 year old son, Spencer, from the book Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth, we entered into a delicious dialogue on the meaning of resistance.

Accepting the challenge...

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When Kundalini comes some of us resist the gift. It may be because we do not understand what is happening or we may feel we are too busy or we may feel that this is just not the right time etc...


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Life is a free-fall. So what better stance, than to be in let-go? Resistance is futile.

— Swami Premodaya


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A shocking realisation, that comes to us all in the end:

"Nothing and nobody can make me suffer. Suffering is always, always, my own resistance to the Way Things Are Right Now, my own dis-alignment with a perfectly choreographed universe, an innocently imagined separation from my true nature as Consciousness itself".

Can you feel the awesome thrill of absolute responsibility? of a truthful life lived without excuses? of the end of internal war? of no longer having anyone or anything to blame?

— Jeff Foster