Meditation Related to the Baha'i Faith

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I have prepared two related meditation techniques. One is a part of my Asma Path, a personal activity related to the Baha'i Faith:

The Asma Process

Forced underperformances thought jokes

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By "peranmai" film

Follow set theory! please!

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diary writing :
13 august 2009 thursday
" just dial came for video catalogur for yoga advertisemnt given "

The Eternal Quest

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Mirror, mirror on the wall….

…the soul’s unending quest, to find it’s reflection, without distortion.


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It's time for me to share the effective technique carried out through thr years about possesing a very useful learning tool. The harmonious total integration of our three levels of learning.

Reflection of Perceptions

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Our perceptions and how we interpret events are filtered by our notions and beliefs. What we perceive is but a reflection of us and not the object of our perception.

— ~Pamela J. Wells