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Who can explain what suffering is?

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What the heck is suffering? Can anyone define it for me?

Raising your vibration frequency

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We are drawing closer to the time of times where humanity will experience a shift in consciousness. Now is the time to prepare as we find any way possible to raise our vibration frequency levels.

Riddles to Realization

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Riddles to Realization

the answer to just one of the never-ending riddles
that reality needs UN-answered
to appear real
is “realization.”

Realization, Awareness and Enlightenment

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These three terms for an "awakening" ; Awareness, Enlightenment, and Realization are all used to describe the indescribable "state" of "uncovery" we often describe "ourselves" as "seeking".

The Word...."Being"

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Being is the eternal,ever-present One life beyond the myriad forms of life that are subject to birth and death.

"God" can only be Realized with the Help of:

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Surrendering into Freedom

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"It is important
to start with practices
and teachings.

You follow a path,
you follow Advaita
Zen, Bhakti Yoga, Shakti
or any other valid
path to enlightenment.

And you do take on

All Relationship Occur for Self Realization

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Relationship occur for each of the 1 to 1 party or 1 to many, or many to 1 entity involve to enable the opportunity for self realization from any or all action involve between the individual within the relationship.

— Paramahamsa Mahaguru Elanggovan

My public testimony to serve God and mankind

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My public testimony to serve God and mankind is about my surrender. I am not looking for comments. This is my personal prayer and only meant for you the reader to stand as a witness to my testimony.

Merging with the presence

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The outer world is but a holographic reflection of our inner state. The human being believes that what we are seeking is outside of ourselves which is nothing more than an illusion.