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coincidence does not make god Holy

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when all of reality's Holes are combined
they form a Whole HOLE
called Universe
and a god
that no coincidence makes Holy.

-- really, Really, REALLY

— O'no

clouds as fairy tales!

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when i see clouds, i remember the depth of sprituality....
when i see the finer clouds ,i remember the lord of universe and 24 cosmic elders are clothed in white and white..
when i see fairy clouds i do remember the fairy tales...
when i see clouds i remember cyclic process....
that it was water once....
and when i see the clouds i do know its for a shorter time before its changed to something else....

— dhorai.

One Mind

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the root of all illusions
is the deception
that makes the collection of thoughts called mind
separate from the totality of thoughts: the Universe

— O'no


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Children live in fantasy
until adults make them believe it.

— O'no


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The real peace of mind is accepting reality as it is.

— Swami Premodaya

All souls have within them complete knowledge of their true nature

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We would be small minded if we believed that every person, past, present, or future had to follow the same modes of action or have the same experiences to be spiritually conscious.


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You are not seeing reality. You are seeing what you are believing. Stop believing and you will see more reality.

— Swami Premodaya


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We ourselves are not an illusioury part of Reality ; rather are we Reality itself illusorily conceived.

From "Fingers Pointing Towards The Moon"

Teachings of MahaAnand

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For a person who is fully physically and mentally healthy, only that person can remain always happy. So care should be taken to keep physically and mentally health.

— MahaAnand


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"God-realization": a word that helps realize reality
until, like an earthquake,
kundlini/shakti derealizes it
into fiction, thoughts, a dream.

— O'no