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Is reality a dream?

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To me the Advaita's stand that reality is just a dream and that you can wake up from it is too radical.

Has anyone experienced it? Anyone waked up? Is it the meaning of enlightenment?

they should have given me "Nobel prize".....

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they should have given me nobel prize for my project work that i submitted at "annamalai university"

the salient features were.....
1)how cast system came into being...

A Quack, Quack Here …..

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A quack, quack here…
And a quack, quack there…
Here a quack, there a quack…
Everywhere a quack quack…..

This little ditty, Old Mac Donald Had A Farm…
Started up in my head…..

Ask why only about your motives

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Ask why only about your motives.

Inquiring the reasons behind beliefs and actions of others is just a way not to face your issues.

Designated driver

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Every group of people needs a designated driver.

To avoid the accidents of this world.

But they pick the most drunken

And are amazed by the cruelties of the road.

How will one live?

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Poster: "Suffering is only in the resistance, and so if you have become a "hollow bamboo" there is no resistance and you are not suffering. Humans do not want to be hollow bamboo."

how we can manifest heaven!

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consider film avvai shanmukhi has 16 virtues....

can u use 16 virtues in real time.....

no not at all........

u have to become zero to realise it they say.....

Bollywood Hollywood and some jokes to think!

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me at isha yoga!

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i was made to take yoga course at the persistence of my sister who luckily do not know the enormous tapas and research i have done in yoga....

The Psychotropic Guru

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...Guru's who are part of the mind experience, who exist as sentient phenomena to lead and to exploit man into new experiences of mind, either wittingly, or most often, unwittingly.