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Death in Bangalore

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My old friend from Canada, Mel, died last Saturday while participating in an intensive retreat with Paramahansa Nithyananda in Bangalore. He fell off a balcony and was killed instantly.

A Meditation on Ego

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Those who have discovered great Truths have done so in the still depths of the Self. The ego is like one’s shadow thrown on the ground. If one attempts to bury it, it will be foolish.

Real Awakening.

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Real Awakening is all about dreaming really:

I'm always dreaming I'm awake
until I really wake-up
that tells me
that I'm really dreaming
about really waking-up.

true enlightenment

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enlightenment happens
when deception vanishes.

For a deception to APPEAR real it must have two parts
a Subject and Object. (reality's duality)

Can it be possible that reality is a dream we generate?

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Can it be possible that reality is a dream we generate?

I mean literally, every bit of it, not just our biased perception of reality. I mean the same way we generate our night dreams.

Reality vs. Imagination

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What is real, and what is imaginary? This is a common topic in Nondual spirituality.

Thought, reality and the spiritual search

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I recently read a quotation posted in a guru's profile on this website that has just been incredibly helpful to me. Surprisingly enough, the "guru" in question is actually a Western scientist.

"ego suppression by reasoning"

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a new concept is the suppression of ego with constant reasoning.
many peoples are living with egoism of unknon origion for many years..,they may not be knowing this,

To cheat or not to cheat

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What to do?

The paranormal

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There are certainly such things as hauntings, and the paranormal, but I don't think they're what people believe them to be.