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Paradox of Thought

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Life is full of seeming paradoxes. Thought is a great asset that has helped man progress so far & yet it is also the cause of human sorrow.

Is It Essential To Have A Living Guru?

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An extract from the conversations with Deepamji


Do we need a living guru or master?

Why exactly do we need a living guru or a living enlightened master?

why are we unable to escape, even for an instant, from the clutches of Maya or delusion?

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Parama Pujya Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji's reply:-

"Love" Realizeations or "God"

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"Love" "GOD"who hv made us realize,(loving "God" is stteping forward in Spirituality)
Not "Realizations",(loving "Realizations" is stepping back in Spirituality because they r ours),

I Love My Self

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When I say I Love my Self I do not not mean something transcendental and universal but my personal sense of Self which is my God. I must explain further what I mean by this.

To Be Human

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Our basic problem is that we know about sages and saints who have reached the pinnacle of spiritual development but do not know what it is to be Human.

Realisation & Fear

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Cause of the problem is not religion but our inability to differentiate between idea and fact.

Living Without Choice

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I think the core of Spirituality consists in 'Living Without Choice'. This is not the opposite of Choice as we saw in previous blog that No-choice is also a Choice.


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Father and Mother met and had a lot of progeny. They were all mostly Sons who were Mama's boys.


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There can be no single path to Truth. In any case I realised long ago that much as I admired Ramana Maharshi or Jiddu Krishnamurti I would not want to be like them.