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For Beginning Spirituality

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Respect is the beginning of spiritual truth, because with due respect done right all is well so.

— Jesse, Camarillo

Only the Self

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Only the self is real. Every relationship, every action every experience arises from the self, there is simply nothing other then the Self.

— Martijn Daalder


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Words are our greatest obstacle. We live in a world of words and thoughts which is not connected to any real basis outside the realm of speech.

Unconscious The Real?

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It may be useful to ask whether unconscious is 'Real Consciousness' and as adults why do we have to fight it?

Real Living

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As a Householder I follow an approach that in traditional terms could be called realist as against idealist, though I call it pragmatic.

What is real?

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What is real? It is this definition which distinguishes Science and Spirituality. For Science the world is real. In Spirituality there are different approaches.

Illusion, Real and True

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It will be useful to distinguish between the three levels of perception of Reality with are illusion, Real and True.

What is Real?

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What is real is not that simple a question as it appears and is worth investigating. To the mind its imaginations and its consequences are real.

False, Real & Truth

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It is useful to know the three layers viz False, Real and True. False is not an illusion but something in us that depends on the Real for its existence but is not and cannot be aware of it.