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Guru as per Sri Ramana Maharshi

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The Guru
As per Sri Ramana Maharshi

I Am Not

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Your sense of being is the most fundamental sense you have upon awakening from sleep.

This is the meaning of the sense of "I Am".


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Silence is never-ending speech. Vocal speech obstructs the other speech of silence.

In silence one is in intimate contact with the surroundings.

The silence of Dakshinamurti removed the doubts of the four sages.

Mouna vyakhya prakatita tatvam, (Truth expounded by silence). Silence is said to be exposition.

Silence is so potent.

For vocal speech, organs of speech are necessary and they precede speech.

But the other speech lies even beyond thought.

— Sri Ramana Maharshi

There Is No Seeing. Seeing Is Only Being. ~Ramana Maharshi

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Question : When a man realizes the Self, what will he see?

Look for the mental representation of yourself

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When you observe the world, you observe in parallel a mental representation of yourself.

Neo Advaita and Ramana Maharshi

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I think it must be sacrilege to link Ramana who I consider to be the foremost exponent of highest form of Advaita to Neo Advaita which is a poor apology.

If the ‘I’ is not let go

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M.: To introvert the mind is the prime thing.


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Many a time I am confused and confounded. What is life and its purpose? What is death? Who dies? Who am I?


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According to Hindu scriptures Mind is made out of subtle portion of food that we eat.

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