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Heart and Enquiry

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Yeah..there seems to be, or is, a lot of confusion about all this "Heart" talk. Ramana had many different uses for this word depending on the nature and the temperament of the questioner.

My recent pilgrimage to Tiruvannamalai etc.

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Sai Ram. My friend Gopikrishna and myself returned from Hampi / Hospet on the morning of 27th September, 2009 and left the same evening by Charminar Express to Chennai.

How to do self enquiry? Ramana Maharshi

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Hello all I don't know if I'm doing Ramana Maharshi's self enquiry correctly.

What does Ramana Maharshi's "I-I" stand for?

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I encounter the notion "I-I" quite often in Ramana Maharshi's texts while I haven't seen it elsewhere, not in the words of other Advaita teachers (e.g. Nisargadatta Maharaj) nor in scriptures.

The Dream Guru

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The Dream Guru is the Guru we have been waiting for all our lives. They are the the ultimate; where a touch or even a single glance can bring transformation!

I realized that I was in fact Aurobindo himself, a great yogi, a past freedom fighter of India.

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Do we have previous births?

In my personal experience, I had memories of my previous births both in my conscious stage and in my dream stage.

The "I Thought" and the "seer"

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Recently, someone asked me the following question:

Are "I thought" and "seer" the same?

And to that the response that came:

When you feel the loneliest

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You feel the loneliest when an "I" of you evaporates.

But you don't understand this. You think that you feel so because there are no other people around.


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In continuation to my previous blog on "The Call of Arunachala" , I would like to share with you all the extract from discourse by His Holiness during the divine Yatra (Pilgrimage) and satsang in Tiru

"Arunachala"- continued Shri Ramana Maharishi said,"...

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Discourse by His Holiness Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji in Tiruvannamalai continues.This is in continuation of my previous post titled Arunachala.