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The only 2 important questions one should ask

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There are only 2 important question one should ask. All the other questions are useless because they have answers.

It does not matter if you go inwardly or outwardly, only how you go

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Go inwardly or go outwardly, but just go.


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Hi there and welcome to my new blog.

it's been quite a while that I was thinking about starting to write about spiritual issues in English and maybe the time had come.


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The final understanding is the acceptance of what Is as the functioning of totality or god. However, that acceptance is not in your hands. In the final understanding, there is no surrenderer, no accepter, no seeker and no finder. You know you have understood the teaching when questions answer themselves. You know you have understood the teaching when questions don't matter anymore and they dissolve. The stopping of all questioning is the most powerful understanding. Understanding means there is no need for understanding

— Ramesh S. Balsekar

Questions and Answers

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06/06/2018 - 14:00
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A question is the beginning of wisdom.
Answers for your most important and deepest of questions.

All are welcome and all meetings will be free of charge.

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