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Quartz Crystals – Comparing energy fields of crystals and living things.

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Questioner: Cleaning your crystals. Do they need to be cleansed?

The Council: Well, if you drop it in a mud puddle, rinse it off with water.

All: (Laughter)

Quartz Crystals – Tree Hugging - Energy Transference

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Questioner: I guess some Indians used to believe or still do that they could hug a tree and get energy that way.

Quartz Crystals - Meditation and Healing - Part 2

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Quartz Crystals – Part 2 - Here William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, discusses quartz crystals and meditation. They also tell us the best stone for healing.

Quartz Crystals – Part 3 - How to select your personal stone, care and maintenance

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The Council tells us how to select our own personal quartz crystal. They also tell us about the energy fields of the stone and the difference between clear stones and ones with imperfections.