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Our insignificance

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Plant an identity and self consciousness in something and soon after, it will recognize itself and believe that it is highly significant.

Does Life need to have a purpose?

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Most of what I write on is based on teachings of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, my Master. However, the experiences are internalized before they are expressed.

Flourish and blossom - that's enough

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Flourish and blossom - that's enough.

No need for other goals - enlightenment, knowledge, truth.

Flourish and blossom - like a healthy cherry tree.

No Title

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I know what the world exists for, but I know not how it came into existence. I see the design, but not the designer. I understand the question, but not the questioner.

— Kedar Joshi

What ONE WORD do you most embody?

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In other words, what ONE WORD best describes you or what ONE WORD would you like family & friends to use most frequently in reference to you?

Growth of god

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The growth of god. Yes.
It is a calling.
Anyone else feel like that ?.
Evolution of Existence.