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Doreen Virtue

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Spiritual Teacher
Angels, Mysticism, A course in miracles
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Sunnyvale, California, USA
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Elementary steps to get siddhis or psychic powers

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Psychic Powers – How You Can Get the Siddhis Safely
Richard Crown

Siddhis are psychic powers, for example:

Do you want abundance in your life?
Do you want your Third Eye open and working?

Anyone familiar with the CIA's Stargate Project?

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Hey dears,

I've returned from a long trip outwardly and inwardly. I'm so happy to be here again and see how it is going on flourishing yet without the spamming of mediocre new-age bla bla...

Yoga, cure for everything

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All of us know that Yoga means a connection. Some say it is a loss-less joint. People say lot about pshychic prana. In this back drop, let us discuss how yoga is a cure for everything.

The activity within the brain during a psychic experience

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The activity within the brain during a psychic experience

Premonitions - How they occur

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In this quote from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, they give us an analogy that demonstrates how a premonition comes to us.


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