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Metaphysical predictions for 2012 - facts

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2012 is claimed to be a great year of spiritual transformation (or apocalypse). This claim is based on Christian texts, Mayan civilization's inputs, and on some many other sources.

Year 2012

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The year 2012 is claimed by many predictions to be a year of apocalypse for the world and also of spiritual transformation.

Non-spiritual economic predictions for 2012

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I heard that there are recently also similar secular analysis made by economists that happen to target around the year 2012.

mayan calendar 21st december 2012 Apocalypse! my views!

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The Tv's say by mayan calendar 21 st December 2012 world will end.....

Pros and cons:
1)how many know and use mayan calendar....
2)what way can u get justice...