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Chitta-Shakti, Prana and Mind

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Chitta-Shakti the highest creative energy divides itself into two and one takes the form of Prana and the other Mind. Prana is psychic energy responsible for all bodily functions and emotions.

Prana vayu and apana vayu vs. tree prana and earth prana

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Can anyone verify-clarify the relationship between prana vayu and apana vayu relative to tree prana and earth prana?

Is prana vayu the same as tree prana and is apana vayu the same as earth prana?

Yoga, cure for everything

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All of us know that Yoga means a connection. Some say it is a loss-less joint. People say lot about pshychic prana. In this back drop, let us discuss how yoga is a cure for everything.

Energization Exercises, the 5 Tibetans

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I just read about a set of energization exercises called the
5 Tibetans and am curious if anyone has experience with them?

Do a search on


World's oldest & perfected pure ancient essences

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World's oldest & perfected pure ancient essences of life inner science which takes care the outer science been almost forgetting in progress by modern world. Now again it's taking shape in form of energy field, DNA correction nutrition and etc. All modern R&D will remain ERROR till agree Indian Siddhar's Principe. Eventually it has go back to the ORIGIN which is the 5th Human's highest intellectual evolution sciences 'Prapti Siddhi' Ancient Healing Techniques!

— Maharishi Paramahamsa

The air that flows in our body from naval down below

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Food and Consciousness

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Gross Body, Vital Body and Mental Body can be traced to the three types of food that we ingest viz food and water, air that we breathe and the sense impressions (on which they depend).

All belongs to One master.....

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All- pervasive Prana is dharma and God.
The total creation of Man,Insects,Animals,Trees,Water,
Earth, Air,Fire,Sky...all have the same dharma and belong to One master...

— Alok Chatterjee