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Cattitude (Mithya)

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You couldn’t be a real, French revolutionary design,
Or be the fireband Indian vish-kanaya type.
Waiting for a patent definitely a loner, forlorn hype,

Towards Immortality

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Have we time enough,
To gloat about,
The dewy haze
Of blossoming spring’s.

Human fears,
That seem to grope along.
As it hustles through humid lips.
Reckless mind,

A Vision

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I step into the dream-time,
between waking and sleep.
Before me a limitless field.
Bright, white, drifting snow.
Stalks of corn, or maybe bones
poke up through the drifts.

From the Great Work-Part 2

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Gobetga e gwaglatga dic sizxa od aderimac,
da cake otoke siz ezagutecna xa inter narodac,
inter emberac dsuagi ze glob da e inec.
Siz Vidnas cakec, e dac slivec sizim cakec.

The Luster At Dawn

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Strike above the mountains, enlighten me with joy,

Unbound today the passions, darkness to destroy,

Playful be thy mystery, hazy clouds devour,

Anoint me with your magic, beauty I endure.


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Mentally ill chosen by a few cowards they struck;
Against fundamentals of mankind and society.

Jehad against Allah's doctrine in self destruct role;

O! Lord Forgive Me

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At the door step of eternity
I burn my last candles
Reflections of the past steps
I lost tell a different story

Checkmated and done
Each move damming
My delinquency
This: my game of life?

Eternal Love

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I long with my heart for someone to love
To breath a freshness with nectar's sweet,
Whisper her thoughts to a lover mate
And move in form, with my swaying soul.


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The throngs of realization bring out the limitless in humans.
Cognition flowing from all generic transmutation.
Survival is of the fittest, the time honored essence.


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O! Performing artist of the weak and fickle mind.
Multi-headed serpent, frothing the air, in poisoned breath.
Degenerating, the Supreme, through creative lores,