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Peaks of pleasure

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Your peaks of pleasure
are dependent on ignorance and forgetfulness.
This is the nature of trances.

How remarkable they are!
Be prepared to give them up.

Be prepared to exchange them

A true seeker and hard calls he has to make

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A true seeker is one
whose desire for truth
is greater
than his desire for pleasure.

Not because
one is supposed to abandon
pleasure for truth.

But because
of the simple fact that

What is the difference between Joy and Pleasure

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What is the difference between Joy and Pleasure?

Pranayama Will Exchange Pleasure for Human

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Pranayama can float pain from human heart to universal heart and in exchange returns pleasure from divine to human heart.

Pranayama, it works like magic, instant and everlasting advantages the most finest techniques from Indian Ancient Art & Sciences of Universal Technology.

— Paramahamsa Mahaguru Elanggovan

Radical Change

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I wonder why it is so difficult to change radically though we know that only thing constant is change There is a change which is a mere continuity of the old habit patterns and our past modifying thro