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Two dominant yet conflictive personalities within the same person, does it sound familiar?

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There are many personalities within a person, not just one as we tend to believe.

The Psyche

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Among the spiritual traditions there is a general belief that inner is superior to outer. Some say inner invariably conquers the outer.

Our Personality

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Our personality stands on three bases, namely body, mind & Atma. In order to make these three pure and bright, we have to adopt the process & practice of Karmayog, Gyanyog and Bhaktiyog. Accomplishment in life means to keep all our activities saturated with idealism. Body is purified by becoming a Karmayogi, mind is purified by becoming Gyanyogi & Atma is purified by becoming a Bhaktiyogi.


Swadharma our Unique Nature

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Nature or nurture may be a recent debate but it was all settled long back. Ancients devised a wonderful symbology to point out with telling effect the human predicament.