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Plastic Flowers - or - The law of the imperfect perfect

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Compare a perfect plastic flower to an imperfect genuine flower - which one of them is more perfect?

Take off the mask

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I take off the mask because I wanted to express who I really am, warts and all, strengths and weaknesses, beauty and imperfections.

What are these masks we wear?

a truth about heaven!

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from my true experience diary:
it was 84-89 and 91-94 a near golden age.....in making....

would work,would meditate,all family abounding in happiness

Love gives without expecting anything in return....

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Praise to God for the joy of this existence!

Perfection and Responsibility/Love vs. Judgement

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I just heard it!

My master, Premodaya, says:


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Years and years of struggle, and somehow always finding life coming up short….!!!
Never quite fitting right.
Something missing….


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"A sense of fun is much more important than perfection."

— EJ Gold

A Perfect Future

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"I believe that liberation, or let's even say, decency as a human quality, is an actual resonance and anticipation of this future perfected state of humanity. We can will the perfect future into being by becoming microcosms of the perfect future, and no longer casting blame outward on institutions or hierarchies of responsibility and control, but by realizing the opportunities here, the responsibilities here, and the two may never be congruent again, and the salvation of your immortal soul may depend on what you do with the opportunity."

— Terrence McKenna