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Same same but different

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Anyone who ever traveled in India is familiar with the phrase "same same but different".

Say you see a nice T-shirt in the window of a shop, you enter the shop and ask the owner for the shirt. He hands you over a shirt which somehow doesn't look exactly like the one in the window. You ask: "Is it the same as the shirt in the window?". "Same same" the man replies. Then you unfold the shirt and find out that it has a different cut and a different print. You say: "no, it is not the same, look!" and he replies: "same same but different".

Test drive different possibilities of the truth

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Don't look for THE truth,look for the POSSIBILITIES of the truth.

When you focus on looking for the truth, your mind has more control over you to play its games and you overlook the many things you are used to take for granted.

A Sequel to Poverty and Inequality

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Stuck In a Loop

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The future's uncertain and the end is always near

— Jim Morrison

Reflection of Perceptions

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Our perceptions and how we interpret events are filtered by our notions and beliefs. What we perceive is but a reflection of us and not the object of our perception.

— ~Pamela J. Wells

Darkness Has Light

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The light not only shines outside, it shines inside and it shines within the darkness itself. Darkness has light.

— Tony Samara