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A thought

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I float in the thoughts of someone …..
Someone who seems to know……..
But the thought itself is pointing….
For me to go solo……….

What was so mine, for so long………….

Laziness and Karma Yoga

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Can spiritual person be lazy? What is the source of laziness?

What exactly is the Path

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"Although the Lord is the personification of love, we seldom allow him to enter the temple of our hearts.

My Path to Spirituality Has Been A Strange One...

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It is really strange.. I started my path in pagamism, then went to BDSM with energy exchange and power exchange.. That taught me a lot about the concepts of Darkness and Light..

The Prognosis or the Recovery of Heart (Ailment)

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We had briefly stated (previous blog)the cause of our ailment and suggested the method of Open Heart Surgery.

Human's Both Psyche Value

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Is not unusual to found human with both type of psyche
value; (bright and dark side)
Most of time or can be say very infrequently we can meet person
who can accept the truth of one self as it without manipulation
If ever one then he/she whom would or already walking the

— Paramahamsa Mahaguru Elanggovan

Freedom & Security

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Like the living earth human life also has two poles and an equator. Freedom and Security form the two poles. Freedom is the North Pole and Security the South and Navel is the point of equator.

Peace The core of Being

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To bring about a radical change we must seek "peace that passeth all understanding". Mere intellectual understanding will not give us that.

Journey of life

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Nature is not so dumb and bereft of creativity that it would make carbon copies. While the Laws are same and applicable to all, each one is unique.


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Q. What is the path?