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Spiritual Parenting

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I would like to start here a discussion about parenting a newborn baby and spirituality.

Some children care only about the property they get, Why do children behave like that?

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Some people have children who care only about the property their parents will give them. Why do children behave like that, Pujya Guruji?



The service of parents are the most important duty of the whole humanity.If parents are not happy on account of non-service at the time of their old age then it will be great illusion to worship god a

Only Dust!

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If parents you kick
And guests you prick
And to wife you stick
But for God, you light a wick,
Only dust you’ll lick.
Know your mind is sick.

Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living and Kids

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What would we need to do to get our kids understand the importance of a healthy body, emotional_intelligence, nurturing creativity and love for friends and family, becoming aware of how they can make a positive impact on the society or the environment, or discover the purpose of life and ways to be happy?

— Nataša Pantović Nuit