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Parabrahma Sutras-Part-1

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1. Use of word Brahman & Para Brahman

Athaatah Parabrahma Vyakhyaasyaamah. -–Sutra.

(Then and therefore, we will discuss about Parabrahman)--Translation of Sutra.

Parabrahma Sutras

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O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

Parabrahma Sutras-6

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34 Any soul is not God

Mukhya uhakrut sarvopi tasminneva natat ubhayatra.

Parabrahma Sutras Part-2

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10. Unimaginable God differs from all other imaginable worldly objects

Shreshthamapyajneyam Bhidyate Paramata Eva.

Parabrahma Sutras Part-4

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24. God is not awareness

Samkalpakrudupaadhi nachit tadattaa naagnih.

Parabrahma Sutras Part-5

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29. Atman, the soul a simile or a reflection of God in certain aspects

Upamaanapratibimbamaatmaa vachyopi kashchit.