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Ego = Pain + Suffering

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By Pamela J. Wells

Beware of these mystakes! repeat them not!

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As any earnest child would desire to have, i have very great ambition for
1)my nation.
2)my home or family.
3)my society etc...

Love and pain

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Why God created love of ones to others? IS loving a person purely a wrong thing?

Why do we show our care and kindness and affection to a person whom we think they are our world?

mujhe jeene do! or Let me live!

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"mujhe jeene do " is an himdi film i saw far back in 1994
now in desperation, the brain yells "let me live"

Let me live .... for i am human...

a tragical me! 1st episode! tragedy is part of life as is happy moments tough pain is hard to swallow.

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tragedy struck after the glorious 1st std
in the separation of anuradha (found to be a daughter in college meditation)

spritual love! or quest!

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son u must suffer pangs like a man grasping for breath in water before u can realise god truly....

— ramakrishna paramahansa....

dont love women who are cowards !

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u see film "auto graph" u feel\

Pranayama Will Exchange Pleasure for Human

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Pranayama can float pain from human heart to universal heart and in exchange returns pleasure from divine to human heart.

Pranayama, it works like magic, instant and everlasting advantages the most finest techniques from Indian Ancient Art & Sciences of Universal Technology.

— Paramahamsa Mahaguru Elanggovan

Enlightened Man

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An Enlightened man is in fact more sensitive to pain
And yet he experience that he is separate from pain.

— Master Sarvari
-Master CVV Namaskaram-

Pain vs. Suffering

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What is the difference between pain versus suffering?

Pain is what the body experiences...suffering is the mentally created agony beyond actual pain (if any pain). Have you ever heard the phrase, "don't look or it will hurt more?" That hurting more is suffering...the hurting before you look is pain.

— Eric Putkonen