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Do you Agree with "Osho's Point of View"?

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Total Acceptance

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Only the ego can be touched. It is very touchy. If somebody just looks at you in a certain way, it is touched. He has not done anything.

What you do and call meditation is not meditation

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What you do is not meditation. What you call meditation is usually not meditations.

Osho: God Is Not A Solution But A Problem

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“I know for sure that God does not exist - and thank God he does not exist.”

Osho Jokes

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Osho Rajneesh

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Osho Rajneesh

About Osho Rajneesh

OSHO (1931 – 1990)

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For the Guru Profile of Osho: http://www.gurusfeet.com/guru/osho

Consciousness, Witnessing, & Awareness ~Osho

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Question: What is the difference between awareness and witnessing?

osho online videos

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Following are the links to the pages that have Osho's online speeches.



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“Socrates is a mystic -- not believing in God, not believing in any belief, not teaching an organized religion; but on the contrary giving absolute importance to the individual, and helping the indi