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What is Self-realization?

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What is Self-realization? This term may look confusing to some. Isn't spirituality about losing the self? It is, yet it is also about gaining yourself.

Following Spirit downstream

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Many of us here are engaged in spiritual practices, but could it be that life itself is the primary spiritual practice? What is it that your spirit is asking of you?

Within and from...

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Folks talk about 'awakening within the dream' and 'awakening from the dream'.

More on 'map vs. territory'

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I recently read a posting on this website with a quotation from a Western scientist:

Science is not objective

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I'm posting this article after reading another recent posting about spirituality and the brain, as I think something might need clarified.

The nature of the 'me'

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I've heard ego-loss described before as "life without a center", and some folks seem to have the notion that enlightenment is a case of a 'missing me', the disappearance of our sense of presence.

Answer to life, universe and everything!

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What *is* the answer to life, the universe and everything?

Hint: It isn't 42.

Ye shall know the truth...

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Jesus said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free".

What is the truth? The truth is, of course, wordless. Thus, it is either deep within as a Realization, or it isn't.

Unlearn nonacceptance

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I am not saying to accept anything; you need not learn acceptance. You need only un-learn non-acceptance. Stop struggling; be still. Be what you are. Abandon the ghosts of the past and spectres of the future. Leave the phantoms for the dead.

— Omkaradatta

There are no shortcuts

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It's obvious from perusing the various spiritual mailing lists that everybody is looking for a shortcut to enlightenment. A way to get rid of the ego without facing the ego.