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Advaita, Nonduality, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Self Enquiry
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Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
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The purpose of spirituality

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What is the purpose of spirituality? Folks have different ideas about this, as "Realizing the Self" really means nothing in and of itself.

Are we the body?

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The next time you run into someone who has waited too long to take a shower, try one of these statements:

(A) You stink!

(B) Your body stinks.

Talking about awakening

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Talking about 'awakening' is almost impossible these days (on the Yahoo!

Getting rid of conditioning

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Many on this website seem interested in combatting Western conditioning, but at times I've noticed a tendency to want to replace this with Eastern conditioning.

Fear of stagnation

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I've seen people here on Gurusfeet apparently afraid of some such thing like "intellectual stagnation", or of going off on their own and becoming at peace, without any seeking, completely still inside


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Probably the most potent 'spiritual medicine' in existence is that of vivek-vairagya -- the fastest way to Self-Realization.

Is awareness in the brain?

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Somebody recently suggested on a blogging that science has proved awareness is in the brain. Actually this isn't the case, and I thought I would address this subject on my own blogging.

The use of memory

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Most of mankind's problems can be traced to one specific thing -- the compulsive use of memory.

Truth is nondual

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The truth is nondual. What does this mean?