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The Split

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One day when I woke up in the morning there were two.

The seer.

And all the rest.

It seemed somehow difficult to function this way.

He was not under my tight control anymore.

A watcher which cannot be watched

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This who watches
is so quiet.
So quiet
that he is present
at all time.
So quiet
that he cannot be watched.
A watcher which cannot be watched.

This is the special meaning

No witnessing when no (calm) mind?

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There is a certain kind of people whom when I am in company, my mind gets crazy. It starts switching rapidly in a chaotic stream of endless short noisy nervous jumpy pieces of thoughts.

Expansion Of Consciousness

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As a part of spiritual journey consciousness must expand. First we become aware of the domain we could term as subjective.

Experience and Observer

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Our views about ourselves, the world and God are related or entwined in more ways than we would imagine. In fact they could be an outcome of a singular view.

Intelligence & Observer

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Insight, intelligence or clarity may be a redeeming feature but the difficulty is in accessing it. Though being an integral part of our psyche it remains for the most part inaccessible or covered.