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Don't forget to also accept the consequences

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Sometimes accepting something undesirable means also to accept the undesirable consequences of this something.

A fresh restart to a brave new world

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First you need to observe - which means not to suppress - to be able to bring the mental residues of the pain to the surface.

And we know that still this is not enough...

End of suffering is so simple

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I want to scream it so loud that everybody will hear it but people are not listening:

The way to happiness is so simple -

You just have to observe and accept, rather than resist, whatever is!

Dangeous pitfall: accept, observe but do not dwell

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Maybe the top spiritual practice is to observe and accept what is.

Free(ze) your mind and the rest will come

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If you can't free your mind, then at least freeze your mind. All you have to do is to add Ze to Free and the rest will come.

Swallow your mental pains like a mean yellow pacman

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Swallow your mental pains like a mean yellow pacman.

It hurts only when it is outside, rejected entry.

A watcher which cannot be watched

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This who watches
is so quiet.
So quiet
that he is present
at all time.
So quiet
that he cannot be watched.
A watcher which cannot be watched.

This is the special meaning

The ultimate goal is to withdraw into the ultimate subject

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Perhaps the primary tool on the enlightenment path is to accept and observe whatever is, any thought, any feeling, any sensation.

Everything is a spiritual lesson even if it is not

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Regard everything as if it is a spiritual lesson even if there is no metaphysical entity that orchestrated it with the intention to be a such, even if there is no soul of yours or a g