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Instinct and Consciousness

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Self observation is an important tool to understand the causes of our reaction and complexes which take up so much of our energy and cause conflict and untold misery.

Beyond positive thought

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A Complaint

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I have a complaint and thought to share with you all. I caught this guy in an act of deceit when he was making us play this game that I was playing by the rules and serious intent.


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What is Observation?

One has to look at the Person with an impartial view and realise the Witness as a First Person.

Expansion Of Consciousness

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As a part of spiritual journey consciousness must expand. First we become aware of the domain we could term as subjective.

Observing Self

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Like we read in chemistry elements exist mostly as compounds and mixtures. In life too everything can either be of help or hinder us in our journey.


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Observation and Meditation

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Ponder--- Think about (something) carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.

Contemplate--- Think deeply and at length.


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Words and language is necessary for communication but Observation and living dictated by them is second hand and nothing living or original can be found by such a method.

Crisis of consciousness

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The crisis is in 'Human Consciousness' much like the salt in water in the ocean.