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The basic difference between science and spirituality

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What is the basic difference between science and spirituality?

In science, subject and object may be one.

In spirituality, subject and object cannot be one. If you are able to observe something than this something is not you.

Beyond spirituality, when god is realized, the subject and object must be one.

— Riktam Kantu, A Spiritual User Manual for the Skeptic Human Mind

The answer to all questions is in the subject

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The answer to all questions is in the subject, not the object.

Therefore, inquire the subject, not the object.

Inquire the object only when it contributes to the inquiry of the subject.

Consciousness, Witnessing, & Awareness ~Osho

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Question: What is the difference between awareness and witnessing?


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Mind is the distance between Subject and Object.

Reflection of Perceptions

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Our perceptions and how we interpret events are filtered by our notions and beliefs. What we perceive is but a reflection of us and not the object of our perception.

— ~Pamela J. Wells

Subject and Object

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Subject and Object are not same. Subject is the implied meaning of the word I and object is what is observed. Yet there is a relation between the two. Now any related thing cannot be different.