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Spiritual Bypassing..2

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"In my stillness I am the eternal possibility. In my movement I am the cosmos." - Deepak Chopra


Sri Ammabhagavan

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I would like to recommend to you an avatar and his oneness university in India. Hi is an incarnation of Kalki and his purpose on Earth is to help all humanity to get awaken.


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How do you fill the abyss with light ?


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Everything is Nothing,

Nothingness is Everything.

As one year goes by since the form of the SATGURU ,SRI SATHYA SAI BABA ,left this field of play.....
There is eternal rememberance of :

Are you tired of sadhana? Do nothing

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Only one who knows how to be intense and relaxed at once will know the true joy of activity.

What's It All About...?

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What's spirituality all about ?

What's life all about?


Actually both could apply to the other....
If turned about...

Ignorance, Understanding And Love

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To know oneself as ‘something’ is a position of ignorance; to know oneself as ‘nothing’ is a position of understanding; to know oneself as ‘everything’ is a position of love.

— Rupert Spira

Naught! Nought! Naught!

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What if they preach a lot,
What if great ideas are taught,
What if great deeds are wrought,
What if great is their thought,
What if love is brought,
What if fame is got,

Nothing could not be there.

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"Nothing could not be there so everything was light (the breath of God) and that light stretched out in infinity to all sides. Light can be broken in color.


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We are
simply asked
to give up something

which is actually nothing

in order to
lay hold of that
which we think is nothing
but is actually everything

— David Wellens