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the duality of past and future

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Science is a wild-goose-chase
in which past and future
keep chasing each other around
for all the facts and figures
that keep expanding the universe
faster and faster.

The Supreme-Science is all about studying
the changeless NOW
in which the past and future must chase each other
for all their facts and figures.

Really, Really; REALLY.

— O'no

What is Monism, Nonduality all about?

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What is Nonduality, Advaita, all about?

ONE cannot evolve
and there is NO other
ONLY the deception
that makes ONE
appear many.

There is no evolution …

the appearance of Dualities

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Dualities cancel each other to be One, Self.
Dualities appear real because one hides the other to appear real...

just like the Hidden Universe makes the Visible Universe appear real...

The Intensity of Being

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"If you watch your thoughts,
you will see that a lot of things
you claim you want,
you don't actually want.

If you are hungry, you desire to eat.
When you eat, that desire is fulfilled.

Self- Laughter

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When Self got sick of saints
and bored with guru's
It created me ...
to LAUGH at 'Everythingggg',
they took seriously.

— Eternal Infinite Sri Fukkamee Swami

Essence of Self

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reality is One, Self,
with limitless levels of DECEPTION
that makes the most diabolically depraved psychotic sadist
in the Universe
into not just an angel
but God it-SELF.
-- O'no

Realize that The Essence of Everything is Peace

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"It is very beneficial to understand
that the essence of everything
is peace;

that the essential nature
of everything is nondual conscious bliss.

Duality's Death

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There is no more powerful way to unleash dualities
than reversing their values.

reversed values come alive
with the laughter of Kundalini.

— O'no

the mindlessness of wisdom

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the most gullible individuals are brainwashed the best
to be blithering idiots.

blithering idiots have been brainwashed to mindlessly avoid
all sorts of impossibilities and absurdities

path to realization

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Any path followed seriously, devotedly and long enough
will lead to the same conclusion: there is no path.

— O'no