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What are we?

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In our endless attempts to be more than we really are, we are less than we really are.

— Omkaradatta

Nonduality at its Best

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Self's Theology

all religions belong to the Same god
that personifies the Deception
that matter needs
to appear real.

on all its limitless theological levels
and fathomless depths

O'no's Laws

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O'no's First Law:

A Black Hole makes fiction appear real.

A First Rule defines a Black Hole
that needs more and more rules to appear more and more real;
to make the First Rule, Black Hole,

Science v's Fiction

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Science's ONLY purpose is to make its reality appear real
.. and for this purpose it finds better and better formulas and numbers
to make it appear more and more real

Supreme Comedy

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Supreme Comedy: Laughing at Nothing.

I was born to live for Nothing.
I have lived diligently for this Nothing
and I will make up for it all
by dying for this same Nothing.

What makes this Nothing not only funny but the Supreme Comedy?

just like with Socrates:
the more I laugh at this Nothing
the more desperately the whole world has to kill me
for laughing at this NOTHING:
the ONE
that thoughts make NONE: NOW.


— O'no

Nonduality's Vanishing Values

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Nonduality's Vanishing Values --
Physics gives us the most fundamental fact about all values.
Physics tell us Universally:

Reality's Duality, Maya,

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Reality is maya, a deception... thoughts, fiction, a dream.
Reality is all about thoughts that appear out of NOW
only to vanish back into it, NOW.

NOW is the only thing that is real:

Advaita, Modern Physics

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the Mind is deception
on limitless levels of deception...
the most-hidden deception “controls” the others ..

like Modern Physics, the nonduality of Advaita

Realize There is Only Consciousness

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"One mistake people get caught up in
on the spiritual path
is to assume that they are this
separate individual "me."

And then from the perspective
of this individual "me"

nonduality's civilization

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diabolical decadence keeps evolving
to ruthlessly mastermind a goodness
called Civilization.

neither god nor his devil
can possible fathom the extremes