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A Black-Hole is the most Awesome, deception-vanishing, proof
that all “matter” is unreal: deception.

What is “real” cannot change – it certainly cannot vanish.


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COURAGE, “Ineffable Courage.”

No amount of brains or brawn
can allow an Observer to go beyond reality
because reality's laws and values
locks the Observer into reality.

I think therefore I am

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I thought I was
but it was just a thought

I thought I can think
but it was just a thought

I thought I could do
but it was a thought

I thought I was god

Far Far beyond the Gita

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A movie that reveals the flaws in the Gita's message of Self-realization.

the MOVIE: “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”

by far the most extreme Evil imaginable

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By far the greatest EVIL imaginable:
far far worse than all of mankind's diseases put together
-- an evil far worse than all of mankind's calamities put together

How to Attain Bliss in Meditation

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"You do not need
to get yourself into
a certain state
or attain something.

You can simply
just be aware of yourself.

You can turn your attention
back upon yourself

Understanding Spirituality & Science

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nothing can be learned about Relativity and Quantum Physics
as long as the old Newtonian Physics is being beaten to death.
... everything that has been learned in the old physics

Vanishing Dualities

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There is no-choice:
The Observer must determine his/her observations.
The Observer (and NOT the words)
determines what words say.

There is no-choice:

SELF and its Theology, Philosophy and Science.

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SELF and its Theology, Philosophy and Science.

I am That, “Nothing Ever Happened” and theology, philosophy and science.

All words are SELF's fiction
simply because

Laughter: Supreme Comedy

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The Supreme Comedy is the ONE
that thoughts make NONE.

when Laughter manifests the worse curse imaginable: “losing-everything”
it is funny because by losing-everything