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Douglas Harding

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There is no more divine than you right now.

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There is no such thing as "more" divine. Divinity is equally distributed as primordial awareness. Everyone has it, regardless of status, disposition, or state of enlightenment.

Best wishes to all on the occassion of diwali

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Divali is the festival of lights.Let the row of lights help us to achieve divine light which is omni present

What does nonduality mean to you?

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Nonduality is the English equivalent of the Sanskrit term, Advaita. Dvaita is a Sanskrit word that means duality, dualism, and dual. “A” is a prefix that makes it negative.

What is Nonduality?

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Nonduality is not two...nor one, nor nothing, nor any combination, nor all of these, nor none of these.

— Eric Putkonen